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I Made Up My Mind To Try. I Tried and Was Successful!
(Bessie Coleman 1921)

“I thought it was my duty to risk my life to learn aviation and to encourage flying among men and women of our Race who are so far behind the white race in this modern study. I made up my mind to try. I tried and was successful” (Chicago Defender August 26, 1922)

“But I shall never be satisfied until we have men of the race who can fly. Do you know that you have never lived until you have flown? “(Chicago Defender October 8, 1921)

“You tell the world I’m coming back!”
(Chicago Defender March 10, 1923)

“I want to interest the Negro in flying and thus help the best way I’m equipped in to uplift the colored race... I plan to turn Uncle Tom’s cabin into a flying hanger.” (Houston Dispatch May 7, 1925)

The Coleman family hopes that you find the information on this website useful and resourceful. We have shared a bit of Coleman family fun and have also included information about the many men and women who have fulfilled Aunt Bessie’s dreams.

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