Bessie Coleman

Meet Gigi Coleman - the great niece of Bessie Coleman!

Gigi was nurtured with stories about her Great-Aunt Bessie Coleman.

You see, Gigi’s late grandmother was Bessie Coleman’s youngest sister, Georgia. Gigi’s mother is the late Marion Coleman who in 1995, successfully petitioned the United States Postal Service for the Bessie Coleman postal stamp. 

Following her mother’s commitment to Queen Bess’ legacy, Gigi is passionate in her endeavors to inform the world about Bessie’s achievements in the field of aviation.

She tours her one woman show and portrays the story of her Great-Aunt Bessie to challenge the minds of the young and old and to encourage individuals to achieve their dreams. Some of the places she has performed is the Cleveland OH Women’s Air and Space Museum, Embry Riddle University, Florida Memorial University, United Airlines, Charles H Wright Museum, the Northern IN Mayor’s Roundtable, and OSH KOSH Air Show to name a few! Contact her soon – she is excited to share her aunt Queen Bess!   

She also inspires youth to be interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through her aviation 501(C)3 program – The Bessie Coleman Aviation All-stars (BCAA). Its mission is to expose disadvantaged youth to career opportunities in the field of aviation. BCAA is associated with “After School Matters” at Gwendolyn Brooks High School. Students learn aviation history, operate flight simulators, visited airports, flown drones, obtained drone certification and flown airplanes! In 2013, the first year of the program, BCAA was selected number one of “After School Matters” of Southside Chicago!  BCAA has featured on ABC Chicago news and many other media sources.

See Gigi in action here -
See BCAA featured on ABC Chicago -

You can contact Gigi Coleman at 773-437-7395 or to book her one woman show or to find out more of BCAA!


Bessie Coleman Aviation All-stars
Fun -Raiser

Saturday April 13, 2019
B. Coleman Aviation FBO - Gary/Chicago International Airport
5701 Industrial Hwy - Gary, Indiana 46406
Time 3:00 pm until 6pm